Can We Invest in a Better World?

I mean, as far as I can tell, the experts who say “the key to resilience is investing” aren’t wrong!

From my experience, folks like Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, who say that the poor dads of the world focus solely on income while the rich dads focus on investing, are making a really good point.

But could we become rich moms and dads while maybe investing in creating a better world for our kids, instead of giving our money to the super villains who seem bent on destroying any hope for a future?

We think we can.

In fact, we’ve seen dozens of ways that real people like you and me are investing in that better world. First, we can do it by investing in the old economy in more activist ways, funding the alternatives to the worst super villains. And second, we can literally invest in the means of production that will fuel the new just and sustainable economy we all want to see.

Both ways can build real, reliable financial freedom. And both are real strategies for having a positive impact with our money.

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