Opportunity: Partner with Us!

We want YOU for the DIY Green New Deal!

Like our work? Want to support us? Then we want to support you!

We wrote this book because we believe there’s a lot of work to be done in the world, and we can’t wait for politicians and “thought leaders” to do it for us. We have to figure out how to do it, and we deserve to make a living doing it.

With that mission in mind, we’re choosing to distribute the book with a new cooperative model, by collaborating with the people out there doing the work.

In “Growing FREE” terms, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to add selling Growing FREE and other Transformative Adventures materials to your “livelihood stack.” Sell our book at the farmers market, at local events, sell it online on your social media. You’ll get the same sizable cut that book stores get. (For Growing FREE, that’s about $6 per print book and $14 on the Ebook.)

This video walks you through the process of starting a store so you can sell our books, and buy them at a big discount.

How to Join Our Effort:

Step 1: Search the internet for “Aer.io.” Aer.io is the App we’ll use to partner together. It allows you to start your own branded book store to sell our books. Later, if you want to create material, the Transformative Adventures Cooperative can offer you the best deal around to help publish your book, and then other activists can add your materials to their stores. Stronger together!

Step 2: Click on “sign up!” Enter your information to create your own store.

Step 3: Add your bank information so that you can get paid!

Step 4: Add your branding to your store. You can upload your own graphics and description. You can see our store at: https://shop.aer.io/TransformativeAdventures

Step 5: Add our books! You can search for them by name, or by ISBN. For Growing FREE, that’s 9781737841364. To add Beauty in Abundance, use: 9781737841364. We’re developing other exciting books you can use in your local activism right now.

Step 6: Promote your store! You can now order a few books at discount to sell at local events, or add to your social media to get customers an opportunity to support you.

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