FAQ: Can you Grow FREE without Money or Land?

A permaculture front yard garden

In Growing FREE we lay out strategies for becoming Financially Resilient and Economically Empowered (FREE) that don’t require having $200K (or more) in the stock market or large family estate to live off of. Because these strategies don’t require big investments, they don’t require big incomes to be realistic.

And the truth is, it doesn’t take big incomes or lots of land or resources to start working on Growing FREE. We can begin the path wherever we are and with whatever resources we have.

For example, one tool we can use to build real financial resilience is Permaculture, a system of ecological design that’s often used to grow real wealth in the landscape. Or as we say, “Permaculture is where your environment becomes your retirement.” Invest in nature, and nature will take care of you back!

And while many people assume that this takes owning land to be realistic, anyone can get started investing in Permaculture without land. If you’re interested in how to do Permaculture without land, head over to Transformative Adventures to learn more.

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