Let’s build a DIY Green New Deal to support right livelihoods for a just and sustainable economy

Look around. Look at your community, look at the world… There’s so much good work we KNOW needs to be done. And there are so many good people who want to do it. And yet, most goes undone, because the system is rigged against people doing this regenerative work. Instead, our system is set up to funnel money to those who are exploiting people and destroying the planet.

We need a “new deal,” a new contract with society, where anyone who does the important work of regenerating ecosystems, or building a just and sustainable economy, can make a good living, feel secure, and thrive. And we can’t wait for politicians, government bureaucrats, and wealthy plutocrats to make it happen. WE have to make it happen ourselves. Together.

In our experience, making that work takes a different set of strategies than conventional businesses and personal finance in a society built around exploitation and destruction.

One goal of the book Growing FREE is to help launch this. DIY Green New Deal, and to help you find your right livelihood within it.

And for those who want to make it a reality NOW, we’ve created an expanded version of the Growing FREE course. This course will walk you through a complete set of transformative adventures, learning actions that will build financial resilience and help you create and promote your local community to support your regenerative work.

One response to “Let’s build a DIY Green New Deal to support right livelihoods for a just and sustainable economy”

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