#2 – Online Courses on Permaculture, Gardening, and Farming are the #2 Worst Way to Make a Living with Permaculture

Most people will NOT make a living teaching Permaculture design courses, or other online courses for farming or gardening.

But first, the truth is there HAVE been a few high-profile success stories. But virtually all the people who make a lot of money off of courses started by already being famous.

Yes, there have been a few people who were brand new to Permaculture, who weren’t famous, who openly promoted that they had very little experience, and with very little exposure went on to launch million dollar courses on their first tries. 

But the reality is this was a combination of remarkable good luck, great timing, and a fair bit of sleight of hand (In these cases famous established affiliated influencers had an interest in being able to say “see, you can make a lot of money off this!”) 

Unless you are already famous, or are affiliated with someone who is already famous, my professional opinion is that this is very unlikely to work for you. At the very least, it’s a big risk. Those successful program alone have graduated tens of thousands of students, and they’re not all out there launching million dollar courses. 

A good Permaculture Design Course can be a life-altering experience that can help you develop a real right livelihood and live the life of your dreams. And it is an amazing tool for building a local community around regenerative action. 

But in my opinion, it has never been a big money maker, and people who are primarily selling it as a great business opportunity are providing very little evidence to support that claim. It was never intended to be a money maker! It was intended as a community organizing tool.

Meanwhile, I see another 20-30 new online PDC opportunities each month. Soon, there will be more PDC classes than potential students, and each new generation seems to get further from the original curriculum. 

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