The Top 5 WORST Ways to Build a Permaculture or FREE Life

So many of us out there simply want to spend our precious time here on earth doing something meaningful, regenerative, and positive for our communities. And—look around—this world sure needs us to do that work!

And yet, that simple goal remains elusive for many of us, who end up stuck working for the same corporations and systems we know are destroying the planet.

That’s why on this blog and in our book, we look at proven strategies and dozens of real world businesses that we’ve seen support activists doing their regenerative work. In pretty much every case, that always means smart, holistic life design, and clever Permaculture design for our businesses, too.

The point of Growing FREE is that if we do our work well, and build a good support system, we can support almost any good work we want to focus on.

But the reality is there are some livelihood options that are simply more difficult to make work. Or they require significantly more design to figure out.

The point here isn’t to discourage anyone! In fact, we say “the problem is the solution,” and the fact that these are difficult means there may be more opportunities for those who put in the work to figure them out. But it also means being realistic about what the challenges are.

So, let’s look at some of the most challenging regenerative/green livelihoods, and some of the challenges around making them work.

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